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Access to GEMINI Data

Prospective GEMINI collaborators looking to access GEMINI Data for research purposes must submit a Project Proposal Form for review by the Projects and Publications Committee.

GEMINI Data Access Levels

A GEMINI collaborator may access GEMINI Data by two different methods:

  1. Directly, by accessing the GEMINI Data platform at HPC4Health

  2. Through the support of a GEMINI Data Analyst, who analyzes and summarizes GEMINI Data on behalf of and in collaboration with the researcher, as per the research protocol

GEMINI operates using a partial cost-recovery model for data access and analytical support. Fees may apply.

The workflow below outlines the process of submitting a GEMINI Project Proposal and accessing GEMINI Data. The overall process should take 4-5 weeks to complete, depending on how quickly required forms are submitted.

Please contact with any questions.

Submitting a Project Proposal

Researcher: a researcher submitting a Project Proposal Form to seek permission to access GEMINI Data for research purposes.

GEMINI: various roles from GEMINI at Unity Health Toronto. They include, but are not limited to, the Projects and Publications Committee, Data Analyst, System Administrator, and Research Operations.

Please contact with any questions.

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Step 1

The researcher submits "Part A" of the GEMINI Project Proposal Form to An example of a completed Project Proposal Form can be found here. Researcher may jump to Step 3 and get a head start on credentialing before their project has been approved.

Step 2

The GEMINI Projects & Publications Committee ("Committee") reviews the Project Proposal within 10 business days of the submission. If the Project Proposal requires further discussion, it will be reviewed at the next Committee meeting (within an additional 10 business days). GEMINI Research Operations notifies the researcher of the proposal status. If Project Proposal is not approved, the researcher resubmits the Project Proposal having reviewed and addressed the Committee's comments.

Step 3

The researcher(s) requesting direct access to GEMINI Data are required to be credentialed as a Research Visitor at Unity Health Toronto (UHT) prior to starting the project. GEMINI Research Operations supports the researcher throughout the credentialing process by providing the forms and links to be completed. The researcher is required to complete the UHT Research Visitor form, UHT training modules and the TCPS2: CORE training. Once these requirements are met, the researcher receives an UHT email account and is added as a researcher to the GEMINI Hospital Cohort Study by the UHT Research Ethics Board (REB). This takes 3-4 weeks to complete. 

Step 4

For researchers requiring direct access to GEMINI Data, GEMINI Systems Administrator grants access to the GEMINI Data platform within 2 business days of completing all credentialing requirements (approved Project Proposal, all items in Step 3 and a signed copy of the GEMINI End User Agreement). For researchers requiring GEMINI analytical support for their project, a GEMINI Data Analyst is assigned to the project and begins working on the project once all requirements are met (approved Project Proposal).