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Our Team


Amanda Chan


Manager, Research Program, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I am a Research Manager and I help the GEMINI team build on its hospital network across the GTA and the province as the program continues to expand.


My educational background:

An undergraduate and a masters degree in Biochemistry from Western University (formerly The University of Western Ontario). I am also a certified Project Management Professional.

My past experience and accomplishments:

I started in clinical research and moved into project management in healthcare over the years. My experiences to-date have brought me to different areas of healthcare disciplines, such as medical imaging, cancer care, mental health, acute and community care.

I would say that I am proud of the accomplishments from being a part of a COVID-19 Emergency Operations Centre this past year, in one of the first communities in B.C. that declared an outbreak. The way our team effectively mobilized all parts of the public health system in a very short time to respond and manage the potential threat of a surge was a humbling and surreal experience. It was a complete team effort that tested the power of collaboration and compassion of the community, a truly commendable feat in itself. 


I feel most inspired when:

  • When I am taking a quiet walk outside

  • By people who are authentic, have a positive outlook, and have strong work ethics

A few of my favourite things are:

  • Fall foliage

  • Cafes and bakeries

  • Paris

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