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Our Team


Arshad Imrit


Research Data Scientist, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I statistically analyze data from hospitals to answer healthcare-related questions.

My educational background:

I obtained an Honours BSc (Biology) and later a MSc (Bioinformatics) from York University. During my masters I worked with honey bees, getting stung every summer because we were stealing their honey.

My past experience and accomplishments:

I worked as a junior data scientist in ecology, where I looked at the long-term effects of climate change on lake ice in the Northern Hemisphere. Moreover, I worked on a team compiling datasets of fish populations across North America, to later predict how environmental changes may cause fish extinction. Our lake ice work has been recognized several times on the news.


I feel most inspired:

After paddling on Lake Shore at sunrise!

A few of my favourite things are:

  • Race Cars

  • Dragon Boat 

  • Parkour

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