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Our Team


Colin Purcell

System Administrator, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I help out with System Administration work, architecting, deploying, and testing Linux infrastructure.


My past experience and accomplishments:

My career and training started with Windows servers, and has moved nearly exclusively into Linux environments, managing network and server infrastructure. I've had a lot of experiences self-managing as a "one man team" which has given me a pretty strong ability to take action and hold myself accountable. I've done work for an MSP, solo consulting, repair shop work, and setup/management for various small businesses including start-ups. Really the whole kit and caboodle.

I feel most inspired when:

I’m able to see the impacts of my work; I really like the feedback loop. With infrastructure being so core to any project, it puts me in a great position to connect with different types of people who I can help directly and also learn from.


A few of my favourite things are:

  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (is this taken already??)

  • Enjoying and exploring the world of tea has become somewhat of a pastime for me

  • Video games, especially puzzle games like “The Witness” and most rhythm games

  • Tinkering: IoT, 3D printing, and server projects

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