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Research studies are essential to a) determine the safety and effectiveness of new medications and medical devices and b) discover the best ways to provide safe and effective care for patients. By participating in a research study you can play an active role in your own care and help make a difference for the quality of life of your family, your community, and future generations.

There are many ways to learn more about the importance and impact of research studies and how to get involved. Here are a few resources we hope you find useful:


A GEMINI research study example

Title: Prospective evaluation of artificial intelligence tools that predict and identify delirium in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic

Summary Description: Delirium is an acute neurocognitive disorder which affects up to half of older hospitalized medical patients. It can cause confusion, disorientation, hallucinations, and agitation, leading to significant distress for patients and their caregivers, but it is difficult to identify and predict. We have utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to develop two automated tools, which uses routine data extracted from electronic medical records to identify delirium cases and predict patient delirium risk.


As there is concern that AI applications may worsen health inequity because they do not take into consideration social and economic variables, we will test whether there is bias in the detection and prediction of delirium with our tools. In addition, this study aims to validate these AI-based delirium tools; compare the performance of AI tools during the COVID-19 pandemic to historical pre-pandemic tools; and to assess the feasibility of socioeconomic and demographic data collection in an inpatient setting.

What will happen during this study: Research staff will administer a Health Equity Questionnaire to study participants. This questionnaire collects information about demographics and socioeconomic variables. In addition, the research staff will ask a few questions about the usefulness of collecting this data.

Eligibility: An adult (aged 18 and older) who is admitted to the general internal medicine (GIM) ward at one of our participating hospitals will be prospectively approached and consented to participate in this study.

Recruitment start date and duration: Recruitment is expected to start in November 2020 and continue for 2 years.

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