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The Ontario General Medicine Quality Improvement Network (GeMQIN) is a provincial program delivered by Ontario Health (Quality), in partnership with GEMINI. GeMQIN is a data-driven community of practice focused on improving the quality of inpatient general medicine care. Bringing together inpatient general medicine physicians and care teams to reflect on their practice data, GeMQIN supports and accelerates local and system quality improvement efforts across Ontario. For the next year, the GeMQIN community of practice will focus on the quality of hospital care for COVID and non-COVID illness in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic.

GeMQIN uses data from the GEMINI study to create MyPractice: General Medicine reports for physicians. These personalized and confidential reports inform physicians about their clinical care patterns and patient outcomes. Quality indicators include length of stay, readmission, routine blood work, advanced imaging, and appropriate blood transfusions. To identify system-level quality improvement opportunities, GeMQIN will also produce hospital-level reports providing risk-adjusted comparisons with hospitals across the network.

Collaboration between GEMINI and GeMQIN​

Flowchart: Hospital data flows to GEMNI platform. That data is used for research and analytics and also shared with GEMQIN which is then used for their MyPractice reporting tool and shared with the QI network


GeMQIN’s Year 1 Highlights:

  • MyPractice: General Medicine reports distributed to 126 physicians across seven hospitals

  • After receiving MyPractice reports, 81% of physicians identified practice areas they could improve and 91% reported they were interested in receiving similar practice data feedback in the future

  • Physician retreats held at participating hospitals to review practice reports and identify priorities for quality improvement

  • Quality improvement initiatives, such as identifying root causes of potentially avoidable General Internal Medicine admissions, are underway at GeMQIN hospitals.

Are you interested in becoming a GEMINI partner?

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