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Jay Jung


Data Scientist, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I am a Data Scientist with the GEMINI team. My main role is to conduct research analysis and improve data pipelines to ensure sound data quality and on-time delivery of data for researchers.


My past experience and accomplishments:

I had the opportunity to work with Marketscan and Medicaid data during my undergrad and thought it was very interesting to handle healthcare data. Therefore, I decided to learn more about data analysis for my masters. During my master’s program, I worked with many different collaborators to get hands-on cancer database to estimate the disease risks with various interventions.


My educational background:

I majored in Economics and minored in Statistics at the University of Guelph for my undergraduate degree and Biostatistics at the University of Western Ontario for my master’s degree.


A few of my favourite things include:

  • I like to play baseball and golf in the summer and snowboard in the winter

  • 80s and 90s movies and am a fan of video games with cutting edge graphics

  • Recently, I have been learning to cook some nice dishes and realizing how rewarding it is

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