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Our Team


Dr. Surain Roberts


Manager and Scientific Lead, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I provide methodological guidance to research projects, support data science operations, and serve as the methods lead for GEMINI’s collaboration with Ontario Health. I work closely with GEMINI's data science team, research operations team, and external stakeholders.


My educational background:

I completed my bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at The University of Chicago, specializing in Endocrinology. I defended my PhD in Health Services Research (Outcomes & Evaluations) from
the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto in autumn 2021.

My past experience and accomplishments:

Prior to joining GEMINI, I spent four years as co-investigator of the Canadian Network for Autoimmune Liver disease (CaNAL), a large national multi-site study. With CaNAL, I played a central role in all aspects of the research process from articulation of research questions, data architecture and acquisition, study design, statistical analyses, and dissemination of findings. I also serve as a freelance consultant providing analytical and data science services. After my bachelor’s, I spent a year teaching, mentoring, and evaluating twelve students in a for-credit 9th grade algebra class in south Chicago.

I feel most inspired when:

When I’m able to find a common thread between disparate concepts and marry them under a set of common principles.


A few of my favourite things are:

  • Playing 30-second online bullet chess so my clicking speed can compensate for my lack of chess acumen

  • Numberphile videos on YouTube 

  • Discovering new and interesting hot sauces

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