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Our Team


Vaakesan Sundrelingam


Senior Data Scientist, GEMINI

My role with the GEMINI team:

I am a Senior Data Scientist on the GEMINI data team.

My educational background:

I completed my undergrad at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus. I did two years of biology and chemistry, but eventually graduated with a double major in mathematics and statistics. I also completed a masters in statistics at the University of Waterloo, specializing in data science.

My past experience and accomplishments:

Before joining GEMINI I worked on healthcare market research at Decision Resources Group, data engineering at Munich Re, software development at Roche, and NLP at MutuoHealth.


I feel most inspired when:

Working out while listening to movie, TV, and video game soundtracks.

A few of my favourite things are:

  • Building things, fixing things, and DIY

  • Consuming media in different languages: Korean variety shows, Japanese anime, Bollywood movies, French pop music, etc.

  • Sports - any sports: basketball, ping pong, spikeball... I've recently picked up golf and tennis!

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