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COVID-19 Hospital Analytics Lab

The COVID-19 global pandemic has placed an additional strain on hospital care, resulting in dramatic restructuring of hospital services that has had system-wide effects. This study will build upon the well-established, privacy-compliant, and highly secure data collection, transfer, and standardization process developed by the GEMINI team to collect COVID-19 data from hospital across Ontario to create a Hospital Analytics Lab.

ONCO-GEMINI: The Oncology General Medicine Inpatient Initiative; A Retrospective Cohort Study

Understanding how cancer patients are treated in hospital, their costs, and medical outcomes is important to help improve both care and costs. This study aims to better understand patterns of care for oncology inpatients, describe the quality, cost and outcomes of their inpatient care, and identify opportunities for further research and quality improvement.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify and Predict Delirium Among Hospitalized Medical Patients

Delirium is an acute neurocognitive disorder that can be prevented and treated, but is difficult to identify using current methods. Our interdisciplinary team is using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop two automated tools which will use routine data extracted from electronic medical records to identify delirium cases and predict patient delirium risk.

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